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by Richard Adams - Last Updated Jan 14, 2014
Accordance is software designed for Mac OSX that allows users to access, compare, and search Biblical translations, as well as add additional exegetical and theological resources.
Alumni Resources
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Mar 14, 2014
Resources available for Candler graduates, including the ATLASerials and many recommended web sites.
Best Practices for Inserting Media into PowerPoint
by Meredith Hammons, John Peterson - Last Updated Apr 2, 2014
Cross-Platform guide to inserting audio and multimedia elements into PowerPoint for best interoperability between Mac version and Windows version.
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Feb 3, 2014
An introduction to using BibleWorks software. at Emory
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Nov 21, 2013
A basic introduction to the cloud-based file storage and sharing solution from, licensed by Emory University for faculty, students, and staff
Church Administration and Leadership
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Jul 5, 2012
Digital Tools for Theology and Religion
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Jul 5, 2012
A guide to resources and readings regarding digital scholarship with applications in theology and religion.
Dissertations and Theses for Religion and Theology
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Jul 5, 2012
This guide will point you to sources that can help you locate dissertations and theses.
by Richard Adams, Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Feb 5, 2014
Manage your information and citations using EndNote
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Apr 1, 2014
A guide to finding images, getting permissions, citing correctly, and working with file types, resolutions, and editing.
Information Management for Ministers
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Jan 21, 2014
A guide to information management resources for ministry.
Library Technology
by Pitts Reference - Last Updated Mar 28, 2014
Book scanners, microfilm readers, tablets, laptops, Bible software, and more! This guide contains information and tips for using all of the library-based technologies that can make your research life easier.
LibX for Research
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Jan 28, 2009
LibX is a plug-in for FireFox browser that allows searching multiple databases including Euclid, WorldCat and Google Scholar, from one search screen.
Mobile Information Management
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Aug 14, 2013
Mobile tools for students, scholars, and pastors.
Print Reference Sources
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Aug 27, 2012
Some helpful reference sources are still only held in print. This guide contains some tips for finding and using these resources.
Records Management for the Local Church
by Robert Presutti - Last Updated Dec 6, 2011
United Methodist Church pastors have a disciplinary responsibility to properly manage the records of their local church. This guide explores all aspects of a local church records management program.
Theological Research for Beginners
by Pitts Reference - Last Updated Jan 8, 2014
A basic guide to theological research.
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Nov 19, 2013
Information on how to use this powerful tool for browsing and searching Greek texts.
Unicode Fonts for Religious Studies
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Aug 14, 2013
Or - how to type in Greek, Hebrew, and other languages
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Sep 20, 2013
Instructions for use of the Zotero research tool.

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