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Worship & Religious Practices
Alumni Resources
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated May 7, 2014
Resources available for Candler graduates, including the ATLASerials and many recommended web sites.
Children and Youth
by Meredith Hammons, Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Apr 8, 2013
Resources for ministry to children and teenagers.
Christian Worship
by Rebekah Bedard, Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Mar 3, 2015
Resources from many traditions and expressions.
Gender in US Religion
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Nov 11, 2011
A guide to resources for those interested in Gender in US Religion, with special attention to students taking SR 613 at Emory's Candler School of Theology
Practical Theology and Religious Practices
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated May 14, 2014
A guide to reference works, tools, and further reading in approaches to the study of religious practices and practical theology.
Religious Education
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Nov 14, 2011
Covers areas of formation and transformation in an intentional growth environment for children, youth, adults, and communities.
Seasonal Resources: The Church Year
by Pitts Reference - Last Updated Feb 19, 2014
Guides to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other special occasions in the Church Year.
World Religions Introductory Resources
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Jan 28, 2015
Designed for those most familiar with the Christian tradition to begin research in other religious traditions.

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