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Denominational Studies
Baptist Studies
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Jan 21, 2016
Resources from Emory University for research in the Baptist tradition.
Episcopal and Anglican Studies
by Rebekah Bedard - Last Updated Feb 8, 2016
A guide to the theology, polity, worship and ethos of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
Methodist Studies
by Richard Adams, Leonie Parkinson, Brandon Wason - Last Updated Apr 23, 2016
Recommended resources for the study of Methodist history, theology, polity, and church life.
Presbyterian Studies
by Sarah Bogue - Last Updated Mar 2, 2016
Resources for the study of Presbyterian history, theology, polity, and church life.
Records Management for the Local Church
by Brandon Wason - Last Updated Aug 7, 2015
United Methodist Church pastors have a disciplinary responsibility to properly manage the records of their local church. This guide explores all aspects of a local church records management program.
World Christianity
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Sep 15, 2015
Resources for engaging with Christian communities around the world.

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