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Denominational Studies
Baptist Studies
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Mar 14, 2014
Resources from Emory University for research in the Baptist tradition.
Episcopal and Anglican Studies
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Dec 4, 2012
A guide to the theology, polity, worship and ethos of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
Methodist Studies
by Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Aug 21, 2013
Recommended resources for the study of Methodist history, theology, polity, and church life.
Pope Benedict XVI
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Feb 14, 2013
On the occasion of his resignation from the office of Pope, this research guide is designed to provide information on the life and work of Pope Benedict XVI. Additional guidance on papal history and papal election provide context for this historic event.
Records Management for the Local Church
by Robert Presutti - Last Updated Dec 6, 2011
United Methodist Church pastors have a disciplinary responsibility to properly manage the records of their local church. This guide explores all aspects of a local church records management program.
World Christianity
by Meredith Hammons, Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Aug 12, 2013
Resources for engaging with Christian communities around the world.

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