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Accordance is software designed for Mac OSX that allows users to access, compare, and search Biblical translations, as well as add additional exegetical and theological resources.
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About the Accordance Guide

Accordance is a Bible software program developed for us on Mac OSX.  Candler School of Theology has licenses for Accordance, and the software is installed on the Macs in the Reference Room of the Pitts Theological Library.  This guide will show you how to perform some common Bible search and display functions using Accordance 10. 

Keeping Track of your Texts and Tools

Accordance is built on the module model, meaning there is the core program that pulls in multiple texts and tools. Many texts and tools are included by default, but many more can be added (by purchasing them from Accordance). At times the amount of resources can become overwhelming. Fortunately, Accordance provides easy methods to keep track of yoru resources.

The Library Window

You can easily see and navigate to the resources you have installed by opening the Library window. To do this, simply click "Library" from the left side of the menu bar or select "Library" from the Window menu. This will reveal a list of your resources, organized into categories. Double-clicking on a text will open a new tab with that text displayed. Double-clicking on a tool (Accordance's term for a non-Biblical text) will open a separate window with that tool showing. If you want information on any text or tool, click the icon next to the text name. You can also drag and drop the resources in the Library window to change the order. By default Accordance will show you at the top the most recent tools and texts used.

Beginning in Version 9, Accordance introduced Easy Install as a quick way of keeping track of your resources across devices. Choose Easy Install... from the Accordance menu. This will ask you to log in with your Accordance account (visit to recover account information). When you log in, Accordance will load all modules you have purchased, as well as any available updates. You can then install these to your local copy of the application. The window will also show you all of the modules that you currently have installed.


    Accordance 10 Screenshot- Getting Your Bearings

    Accordance Window

    1. The Library Window: The shows all of the resources included in your Accordance installation. This window can be displayed or hidden through the "Window" menu, or by clicking Option-Command-1
    2. The Text Search Dropdown: This allows users to change the Text or Biblical version that is being searched
    3. The Verses/Words Toggle: This allows users to change whether the search is for specific words or specific verses
    4. The Search Field: The user will enter verse references or search words here, depending on what he or she is looking for
    5. Display Column 1: This column is displying the NRSV. The specific version displayed here can be changed by clicking on the version name ("NRSV") and choosing another from the dropdown.
    6. Display Column 2: This displays in parallel the same text in Display Column 1 (now in the New Testament Greek). Again, the version can be changed through the dropdown.
    7. Display Column 3: A third parallel text, now in the ESV. Additional columns can be added by clicking the "Add Parallel" button to the right. Each column can be removed by clicking the "X" at the top left of the column. Columns can be rearranged by dragging the top, gray headline across the screen. The text size may be altered in each by clicking the "AA" icon in each column.
    8. The Instant Details Window: This window will display notes about the word or verse over which the cursor is hovering. This window can be displayed or hidden through the "Window" menu, or by clicking Option-Command-2. To "freeze" the instant details in this window while moving the cursor, hold down the Shift key.

    Tabbed Browsing

    Like most modern browsers, Accordance allows you to organize your work into tabs. This is an effective way to keep multiple workspaces for multiple projects.

    To create a new tab, click the plus icon to the right of the tabs. Within each tab you can add multiple texts by choosing the "Add Parallel" button.

    To delete a tab, hover your cursor over the tab name and an X icon will appear on the left side of the tab. Click it to remove the tab. Alternatively, you can click the dropdown next to the tab name and select "Close Tab" (or "Close Other Tabs" to keep this one as the only one open).

    To rename a tab, click the dropdown next to the tab name and choose "Rename Tab." 

    Your tab setup will persist only as long as you are working, unless you save your workspace. To do this, click File->Save and Accordance will save your setup. You can have multiple workspaces, and you choose between them by clicking File->Open...


      Locate a verse of a Bible in a particular translation

      In the most simplistic terms, Accordance is a way to look at the Bible in multiple translations. To look at a particular verse in a particular version, follow these steps:

      1. First select the Bible version you wish to use in the Text Search Dropdown. From the dropdown choose the version you desire.

      2. In the Search Field, to the right of the Text Search Dropdown, you can choose to search "Verses" or "Words." In this case, choose "Verses," and then type in the verse in which you are interested. [The Search Field is "smart," so it will accept shorthand citations, e.g., "1jo 1 1" or "1Jn 1.1".]  The text will then navigate to the chosen verse, in context. You can change the way the text is displayed (verse by verse, paragraphs, with/without verse numbers, etc.) by right clicking on the text and selecting "Show Text As." For more advanced changes to the display, right click the text and select "Set Text Pane Display..."

      3. To look at the same text in multiple versions, click"Add Parallel" on the right hand side of the window and choose a different version.


      Paste a verse into another document

      There are several ways to move text from Accordance into another application (a Word document, e.g.)

      1. To simply copy text from a verse, highlight the text in the Display Column, right click, and choose "Copy."  You can now paste the verse into your document, as you would with text from any other application.
      2. Accordance also allows you to copy text with reference. To do this, higlight the desired text in the Display Column, right click, and choose "Copy As". This will allow you to copy the verse stripped of verse number superscripts ("No Superscript"), as only a verse reference ("Citation" or "Reference"), or as a transliteration from Hebrew and Greek ("Transliteration"), or as the dictionary form for each word ("Lemmas"; this is more germane to using the text in the original language).

      Copying text in other alphabets (particulary Greek and Hebrew) from Accordance to other applications can present font issues. For consideration of these issues, see the Research Guide on Unicode fonts.


      Purchase Accordance

      You can purchase Accordance and expansion modules directly from the company. The application comes in several "packages," each with a different set of texts and tools, ranging in price from $49.99 to $1,999.99. Go here to compare the contents and prices of the basic packages. Beyond the basics, hundreds of modules, including commentary series, grammatical tools, and additional languages, can be purchased individually from Accordance, either through the installed application or on the Accordance Store site.

      Texts Available in Accordance at Pitts

      At the library, we have purchased modules that we think are most helpful for patrons of the library.  If there is a module Accordance makes available (see list here) that we do not have, please contact a Reference Librarian and we can discuss purchasing the module.. The following texts are installed and available. To learn about texts and modules in Accordance, see this link:

      English Bibles

      • American Standard Version (ASV)
      • King James Version Apocrypha (KJVA)
      • King James Version wiht Strong's Numbers (KJVS)
      • New English Translation (NET)
      • World English Bible (WEB)

      Greek/Hebrew Bibles

      • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with Westminster Hebrew Morphology (BHS-W4)
      • Greek New Testament (tagged) (GNT-T)
      • Greek New Testament (Tischendorf text) (GNT-Tis)
      • Greek New Testament (Textus Receptus) (GNT-TR)
      • Greek New Testament (Westcott and Hort) (GNT-WH)

      International Bibles

      • Italian Nuovo Riveduta 1994 (NR94)
      • Spanish 1909 Reina Valera Bible (RVR09)
      • German Schlachter Translation (SchlA)


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