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Book scanners, microfilm readers, tablets, laptops, Bible software, and more! This guide contains information and tips for using all of the library-based technologies that can make your research life easier.
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Where is the Microfilm Reader at Pitts?

Microforms at Pitts are located in large cabinets at the very back of the second floor of the library, near the second floor small group study rooms. The Microfilm reader is located on the wall next to the Ad Hoc Media Center on the second floor of the library. 

Microfilms and microfiche are stored in individual boxes in draws fo the large cabinets.  Works depicting books are arranged by Library of Congress call number; works depicting periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title.


    Reading a Microfilm

    Once you have found the microfilm you would like to view, follow these instructions to view the film. The video clip below will demonstrate all steps.

    To Load and View a Microfilm:

    • Open the box and remove the film roll. 
    • Pull the handle at the center of the machine forward so the glass pivots upward, allowing the film to pass through.
    • Push the film spool onto the peg at the left side so that the film rolls OVER the top of the spool, not below it (see image). Push the spool onto the peg until it snaps into place and the end of the peg is flush with the end of the spool. You may have to hold the peg in place and move the spool around until the square peg lines up with the square hole.


    • Pull the film out and run it under the two white rollers and then insert it into the slot on the receiving spool. Make sure you run the film OVER the receiving spool and not under.



    • Push the end of the film into the slot in the center of the receiving spool and turn the receiving spool a few times to get the film to wrap around properly.
    • If the end of the film is wrapped around the receving spool, and the film is passing below the two white rollers, you are ready to view the film
    • Push the handle all the way into the machine so that the glass lays flat on the film. 
    • The Minolta knob that is separate from the machine on the right is the tool for navigating through the film. Turn it (slowly) to the right to advance the film, and turn it (slowly) to the left to reverse the film. BE WARNED: The knob is very sensitive and may turn much faster than you desire.
    • To move the film up or down, move the central handle.
    • To focus the lens, turn the large grey wheel on the lens, just above the central handle.
    • To zoom in or out, turn the blue wheel on the lens, just above the central handle.
    • To rotate the image, turn the knob at the bottom right of the reader.

    To Unload a Microfilm:

    • When finished, you need to rewind the microfilm. To do this, simply turn the knob to the left and allow the original spool to collect the entire film. You will know it's completely rewound when the end of the film is flapping around. When this happens, return the knob to its center position.
    • Pull the original spool firmly off the peg and place the spool into the box so that the box closes completely.
    • Turn the machine off with the power switch on the right side.
    • Microforms can be returned to the reshelving boxes just outside of the Microfilm Room.


      Saving Pages of a Microfilm as a PDF

      Pages of a microfilm can be saved as pages of PDF using the computer that is attached to the microfilm reader. To do so, begin by positioning your film where you would like to begin your scan (note that the green LED lights on the microfilm reader designates the region that will be scanned, not the black outlines on the screen). The computer will scan one page at a time, giving you the opportunity to move page by page on the reader. To do this, follow these instructions:

      1. Turn on the computer to the right of the Microfilm Reader.
        1. Login to the computer using your Emory Net ID and password; if you are a visitor, you may obtain Public Access credentials from a library staff member at the reference or circulation desks on the second floor of the library
      2. Open Adobe Acrobat XI Pro using the desktop icon.
      3. Center your image on the microform reader
      4. Click "Create --> PDF from Scanner --> Black and White Document"
      5. Once you see a preview of the page scanned, select either "Scan more pages" to attach more pages to the same document or "Scan is complete".) NOTE: As soon as you click "Scan more pages", the microform reader will begin scanning, so make sure your next page is ready to go before you click this button.
      6. Once finished, select "File"--> "Save as" and give your document a name to save it to the desktop.
      7. You may save your completed PDF file to a flash drive (we sell some at the circulation desk for $7 if you do not have one) or by attaching a small file to an email to yourself (emailing scans is not recommended for large files).

        Printing Pages from a Microfilm

        The Microfilm Reader can print exactly what you see on the screen as a single sheet of paper. To do this, first position the film so that what you see in the box on the screen is exactly what you want to print. To do this, you may need to adjust the film side to side (using the separate knob on the right) or up and down (using the central handle). You can also rotate the image using the knob at the bottom right of the screen. 

        Once you have the image as you would like it to print, look to the display on the machine and make sure it reads "1" for 1 copy. You can increase the number of copies by pressing the button below the display.

        If the screen reads "Pc" instead of "1", this means the computer is the current output for the device. To change this, you need to press and hold the "Shift" and the "PR/PC" key together for about 2 seconds. This should change the display to "1."

        To print what you see on the screen, press the green "Start" button on the Microfilm Reader.


          Changing the Lens on the Microfilm Reader

          The Pitts Theology Library Microfilm Reader has three replaceable lenses, for different magnfication levels. Type 1 (9-16x) magnifies the least, followed by Type 2 (13-27x), followed by Type 3 (28-50x). One of these lenses should be loaded into the Microfilm reader, and the other two should be on the table next to the reader. The lens is located between the central handle and the screen.

          To switch lenses, you should first remove the current lens:

          1. Push the central handle all the way into the device, ensuring that the glass is NOT tilted up.
          2. Press up on the button that says "Lens Release" until it snaps into a higher position
          3. You can then pull the lens forward, removing it from the device. 

          Identify the replacement lens and slide it back into the spot of the previous lens, with the wheels on the top and the label facing you. Make sure the lens fits the "track" on the left side of the part of the device that holds the lens. Press the lens firmly into the device until it snaps into place. At this point the "Lens Release" button should be in the down and locked position. You are now ready to view at the new magnification.

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