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Interpretation of the Old Testament   Tags: bible, hebrew_bible, old_testament  

Tools and research for Old Testament exegesis and research.
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About this Guide

About this Guide:

  • Guide to help with biblical exegesis (interpretation).
  • Exegesis: critical explanation or interpretation of a text.

Links to Resources:

  • Book titles link to Emory's DiscoverE catalog
  • Periodical titles link to online access page or to DiscoverE

General Bibliographic Resources

Not everything is online!

Elenchus of Biblica
Call Number: THEOLOGY REFERENCE Z7770 .E63
  • Scope: comprehensive annual index of books and articles
  • Arranged by subject and canonical order
  • Currency: 3-4 years prior to current year
Information on using Elenchus and other print indexes

Cover Art
Commentary and Reference Survey - John Glynn
Call Number: READY REFERENCE Z7770 .G59 2007
ISBN: 9780825427374

Cover Art
Old Testament Commentary Survey, 5th ed. - Tremper Longman, III
Call Number: THEOLOGY STACKS Z7772 .A1 L64 2013
ISBN: 9780801039911
Publication Date: 2013-04-15
Surveys and evaluates one-volume commentaries, sets, and works by book of the Bible. Since each edition evaluates some different commentaries, it remains worthwhile to consult earlier editions also.

Cover Art
Old Testament Introduction - Edwin C. Hostetter
Call Number: THEOLOGY REFERENCE: Z7772 .A1 H67 1995
ISBN: 0801020174
Publication Date: 1995-08-01
Describes a number of resources available for orienting a reader to the background of the Old Testament, linguistic resources, cognate literature, ancient texts, and critical approaches.

Basic Tools of Biblical Exegesis - Stanley B. Marrow
Call Number: THEOLOGY REFERENCE: Z7770 .M33 1978
Provides an overview of texts and versions, grammars, lexica, dictionaries, concordances, and subsidiary material.

Finding Articles

  • ATLA Religion Database  
    Scope: Wide coverage biblical and theological studies
    Currency: Publication dependent: Click to view by resource
  • Old Testament Abstracts  
    Scope: OT general, archaeology, philology, biblical theology, Ancient Near Eastern context of OT
    Print version available months ahead of online version (in Periodicals Room)
  • Index Theologicus (IxTheo)
    A database of scholarly religion resources compiled at the University of Tubingen Library.
  • Catholic Periodical and Literature Index  
    Scope: Books, articles, and papal documents related to Catholicism
    ATLA Database does not include these items
  • Christian Periodical Index  
    Access to articles and reviews written from an evangelical perspective or of interest to the evangelical community.
  • Religion and Philosophy Collection  
    Scope: Broad coverage of religious studies and philosophy
    Currency: 6-12 months from present depending on publication.
  • Search for Specific Scriptures
    1. Select the ATLA Database
    2. Click "Scriptures" at top
    3. Click link to expand and select (book, chapter, +/- verse)
  • Search Two (or more) Databases at Once
    1. Click a database link
    2. Click "Choose Databases" just above the search box
    3. Select databases to search

Finding Books

DiscoverE - broad search across multiple databases and media types

  • Type your search term and go
  • Limit to media type (books, articles, maps, etc. with drop-downs)
  • More filters after first search
  • Use Advanced Search to limit by date range, language, material type, etc. before searching

Using Library of Congress Call Numbers to Locate Books

General commentaries and commentary sets may have different call numbers.  The numbers below will help you locate a range of critical works and commentaries on each of the books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Genesis BS 1231 -1235.5
Exodus BS 1241-1245.5
Leviticus BS 1254-1255.5
Numbers BS 1261-1265.5
Deuteronomy BS 1271-1275.5
Joshua BS 1291-1295.5
Judges BS 1301-1305.5
Ruth BS 1311-1315.5
1 & 2 Samuel BS 1321-1325.5
1 & 2 Kings BS 1331-1335.5
1 & 2 Chronicles BS 1341-1345.5
Ezra BS 1351-1355.5
Nehemiah BS 1361 -1365.5
Esther BS 1371-1375.5
Job BS 1411-1415.5
Psalms BS 1418-1451
Proverbs BS 1461-1465.5
Ecclesiastes BS 1471-1475.5

Song of Solomon

BS 1481-1485.5
Isaiah BS 1511-1515.5
Jeremiah BS 1521-1524.5
Lamentations BS 1531-1535.5
Ezekiel BS 1541-1545.5
Daniel BS 1551-1555.5
Hosea BS 1561-1565.5
Joel BS 1571-1575.5
Amos BS 1581-1585.5
Obadiah BS 1591-1595.5
Jonah BS 1601-1605.5
Micah BS 1611-1615.5
Nahum BS 1621-1625.5
Habakkuk BS 1631-1635.5
Zephaniah BS 1641-1645.5
Haggai BS 1651-1655.5
Zechariah BS 1661-1665.5
Malachi BS 1671-1675.5

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Hebrew Aleph Bet

  • Hebrew Aleph Bet
    A quick reference to the Hebrew alphabet from Judaism 101. Handy for those not familiar with Hebrew in order to use sources like the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT).
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