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Early Christian Apocrypha
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Dec 20, 2012
A guide to the extra-canonical writings of the first centuries of the Christian era.
Tags: apocrypha, apostolic_fathers, canon, church_history, church_orders, gnosticism, hagiography, nag_hammadi, new_testament, patristics, pseudepigrapha
Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929 - 1968
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Jun 3, 2013
The life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Tags: african_americans, church_history, civil_rights, preaching
Pope Benedict XVI
by Meredith Hammons - Last Updated Feb 14, 2013
On the occasion of his resignation from the office of Pope, this research guide is designed to provide information on the life and work of Pope Benedict XVI. Additional guidance on papal history and papal election provide context for this historic event.
Tags: biography, catholic_church, church_history, pope
World Christianity
by Meredith Hammons, Tracy Iwaskow - Last Updated Aug 12, 2013
Resources for engaging with Christian communities around the world.
Tags: africa, asia, church_history, latin_america, theology, world_christianity

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