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by Richard Adams - Last Updated Jan 14, 2014
Accordance is software designed for Mac OSX that allows users to access, compare, and search Biblical translations, as well as add additional exegetical and theological resources.
Tags: accordance, bible, handheld_computing, iphone, new_testament, old_testament
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Feb 3, 2014
An introduction to using BibleWorks software.
Tags: bible, bibleworks, new_testament, old_testament
Early Christian Apocrypha
by Richard Adams - Last Updated May 8, 2014
A guide to the extra-canonical writings of the first centuries of the Christian era.
Tags: apocrypha, apostolic_fathers, canon, church_history, church_orders, gnosticism, hagiography, nag_hammadi, new_testament, patristics, pseudepigrapha
Interpretation of the New Testament
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Jan 27, 2014
Tools and research for New Testament exegesis and research.
Tags: bible, new_testament
Paul the Apostle
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Oct 30, 2013
A guide to doing research into the life, writings, and interpretation of the Apostle Paul
Tags: bible, judaism, new_testament, theology
Unicode Fonts for Religious Studies
by Richard Adams - Last Updated Aug 14, 2013
Or - how to type in Greek, Hebrew, and other languages
Tags: bible, hebrew_bible, new_testament, old_testament

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